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It allows you to download images by entering a search term
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Google Image Downloader

Google Image Downloader is a program that can find and download images using Google. You will just need to enter the desired keyword, tell the program about the color range, type, safety settings, sizes and rights that the found images should have, and how many pictures you would like the program to download. When you press the "Get" button, Google Image Downloader will input the provided keyword in Google, wait for the search engine to find the number of images you have specified (by default, twenty) and then it will download them to a specific folder on your hard disk. You can set up the program to save all the images it finds in a folder named by the keyword you have entered.

At the time of writing this review, when run on a computer under Windows 7, the program failed occasionally, displaying a warning. However, closing and reopening the program always solved this issue. In addition, the number of downloaded images never reached the specified number: the program downloaded from five to nineteen images even when I asked for twenty.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It lets you obtain a certain number of pictures very easily


  • When you perform a search, the program frequently crashes. If you close the program and perform the same search, everything will be fiine
  • It has never downloaded the specified number of images for me
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